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If you want more visitors from the search engines, the way your website has been designed will have a big impact on your sites ability to get free traffic from Google, Bing or Yahoo.

If you want more of your website visitors to sign-up for an offer, or make a purchase, the way your website has been designed will also have a major impact on your site's ability to get visitors to take the action you want.

 Do you want answers 

Are you missing answers you want to critical questions like:

  • Why aren't more people visiting my website ?
  • What's causing visitors to leave without taking action ?
  • What do I need to fix, why and how ?
  • What should be my priorities ?
  • Why are my competitors doing better than me ?
  • Who can I turn to for unbiased answers ?
web designer Your web designer may have designed you a nice looking site
Unfortunately that has very little to do with how well the site performs in attracting visitors or converting them into buyers.

website audit benefits Website auditing and how you benefit
Our website audits looks at all aspects of the way your site is designed and recommendations are made that will either improve visitor traffic to the site, or result in more visitors taking the action you desire.


We make it easy We make it EASY
We deliver a detailed website audit report in plain-English with examples and illustrations taken from your website. We explain the strengths and weaknesses of your site and deliver easy-to-understand recommendations that you can act upon to improve your site.

We make it clear We make it CLEAR
Our website auditor gives you a professional and expert unbiased view of your site, with a focus on your marketing and business objectives. We are unbiased and unlike your web designer we have a vested interest in your success with our $500 money back guarantee.

What you get are clear, honest, unbiased expert recommendations to help you boost your website's performance.

We make it actionable We make it ACTIONABLE
With every web audit is a Website Audit Summary for easy reference, including the most critical aspects of your site that need attention. We also give priority to each item in the summary according to which will bring you the most benefit for the least cost, in the shortest time.

This means you can focus and act on the most productive tasks that will enable you to see results faster.

But you only benefit if you take action and that means acting on the audit findings and recommendations of the web audit, which you can do by:

  1. Acting on the recommendations and making changes to your site yourself (if able to)
  2. Supply the website audit report to your webmaster for them to make the changes
  3. Discuss with us about making the changes and/or consulting with your webmaster
$500 Money Back Guarantee Our Guarantee
So confident are we in improving your website that I will
give you * $500 if you don’t see increases in your website business within 12 months.
365 Day Guarantee
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"This is an incredibly in-depth report and a wonderful service for web designers, webmasters and site owners."
Ken Hablow - KH Graphics, Website Development - KHgraphics.com

* Our guarantee is based on correctly implementing the recommendations and being able to show with quantifiable results that the traffic to, or conversion of your site improved within **12 months of receiving the improvements suggested.

** You have a FULL 12 months (which is enough time) in which to make the changes and see the results. If after 12 months you have not seen any improvements in your website traffic or conversion, I will give you $500.

Website Auditor
Tony Simpson
Website Audit Expert

Money Back Guarantee

P.S. This is not one of those guarantees where you don't have enough time to see if you get results. You have a full 12 months, which is enough time for anyone. Of course we expect you to see results much sooner.