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About Website Audit Experts

We specialize in optimizing websites to improve sales through our web evaluation expertise in web design analysis used as part of a web audit and seo audit. We identify problems and make guaranteed recommendations for improvement.

Website audit experts is a partnership between Tony Simpson and Andy Theekson who between them have over 20 years experience in design, development and optimization of web sites and web businesses.

Tony Simpson has been conducting client website audits for over 4 years. A former professional research and design engineer with experience in sales and marketing, Tony has a very analytical mind, a keen eye and an attention to detail which is so essential when conducting web audits.

Andy Theekson is an SEO professional with over 6 years SEO experience. He is a keen investigator, experimenter and avid tester and has uncovered many untruths and misconceptions about Google and Yahoo.

Combined Experience

Tony and Andy who are the experts behind website audit experts cover a very wide range of disciplines among them are:

Website evaluation
Optimizing websites
Web design analysis
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Business analysis & auditing
Web design usability
Search engine friendly site design
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Link building & analysis
Conversion rate improvement
Landing page optimization
A/B, Multivariate & Taguchi split-testing
Web usability testing
Research & Results testing
Statistical analysis
Graphics design & optimization
Copy & slogan creation
Video creation
Special effects
Advanced video compression & optimization
Audio & sound effects creation
W3C compliance validation & correction
Visitor & Ad tracking
Website management & maintenance
PPC Ad creation & campaign management
Website functionality enhancement
Article writing & promotion
Search engine marketing
website audit experts

Expertise Diversity

This diversity of expertise and experience is essential when carrying out the very in depth and wide ranging website audits we undertake. The benefit to our clients is one of the most comprehensive website audits available today with which to improve their website and business.

The confidence we and our clients have in our ability means we are able to offer what we believe is one of the most extensive 12 month $500 your money back guarantees.

$500 Money Back Guarantee Our Guarantee
So confident are we in improving your website that I will
give you * $500 if you don’t see increases in your website business within 12 months.
365 Day Guarantee

If you have questions about our web audit, seo audit, or how we work, please forward your questions using our contact audit experts page and I will get back to you with a reply, normally within 3 business days.

Website Auditor
Tony Simpson
Website Audit Expert