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Good Web Design Award

I'm offering $500 to any small business website owner who thinks they have a good website design that can pass my web design quality rating checklist.

Your home page and overall website needs to score more than 9 out of 10 using my web design quality rating checklists.

The challenge is being made because I want to find examples of good quality web designs for small businesses and frankly I am struggling to find them.

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If you think you have a good website design example, what you need to do is download my two website checklists and evaluate your website against each checklist. You should use the web web page evaluation checklist to evaluate your home page and the website checklist to evaluate your whole site.

You will need to be able to answer “Yes” to more than 90% of the questions in both web design checklists to stand any chance of being a winner. For examples of completed checklists download the web design checklist examples

Once you are sure your home page and your overall website have scored “Yes” in 90% of the questions in each website checklist then you should submit your website to me for checking by completing the form below.

Good Web Design Award Rules:

  1. You must be the website owner or submitting the website on behalf of the owner
  2. The website must be that of a small business earning less than $1 million per year
  3. You can have no more than 10 “Don’t Know” answers in total for both checklists
  4. You must be able to answer “Yes” to 90% of the questions in each checklist
  5. You must submit your website for evaluation using the form provided
  6. Websiteauditexperts.com will rate your home page and website using the checklists
  7. The final rating of any website will be solely decided by websiteauditexperts.com
  8. The top 10 websites during the challenge will be featured on websiteauditexperts.com
  9. The highest rating above 9 for both home page and website will win $500
  10. The top 10 rated websites will be entitled to display a “Good Web Design Award” logo
  11. The final top 10 rated award winning sites will be published on other websites
  12. The challenge is open for the whole of 2015.

good web design nominations form

Website Auditor
Tony Simpson
Website Audit Expert