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Mini Website Audit

I want to show you

In fact prove to you, even a mini website audit can provide you with a great deal more benefit than you may currently realize. We understand a full website audit may be more than you can afford and more than you can see any value in right now.

Even though we offer a $500 money back guarantee on full website auditing, we still know some website owners still don’t see how they and their web business are going to directly benefit from a web audit.

A lot of times we find website owners have made too many false assumptions early on in their plans for a website and online business. This can mean their business is not viable without making changes, or it’s viable but going in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately this can sometimes mean it doesn’t matter what you do with your website because the business assumptions you made have too many holes in them. Your flagship website could be destined to sink fast or very slowly.

So we came up with the idea of the mini website audit. In the mini audit we focus most of our attention on your web business rather than your website.

A Lifeline

Our mini website audit could be your lifeline, because after discussing your web business with you we will set to work evaluating your business plans and assumptions and analyzing any current website stats or data you may have.

We will then deliver our expert opinion on your web business plans to answer 5 essential questions to the future success of your website and online business:

  1. Do you have the makings of a viable web business – why or why not ?
  2. Do any assumptions you made need a rethink – which ones and why ?
  3. Are your website plans going in the right direction – which are and which not ?
  4. Are your priorities the right ones – which are and which not ?
  5. Do you have the resources to reach your goals – what you need and why ?

The answers we provide to these questions are not just simple Yes/No. We explain why we have reached the conclusions we have based on our evaluation of the information you provide and our own expertise, web design analysis and web business audit experience.

Our answers while perhaps not the ones you want to hear could save you thousands of dollars in further wasted time on website development and promotion costs.

“Would it not be better to know what your chances of success are now
rather than finding out months or years later you were wasting your time
going in completely the wrong direction ?”

Here’s the deal

We commit our time, resources and expertise to analyze your web business and provide you with the answers to those 5 essential questions. You commit to providing us access to your business plans and data and agree to answer relevant questions about your online business.

But be warned, what we may say about your web business and plans may not be what you want to hear or want to believe. What we will tell you is based on facts, analysis and expertise, not on guesswork or wishful thinking.

"We explain why we say what we say"

You pay nothing up front

To make this risk free for you, once you commit to a mini web audit we will contact you and ask you to provide us with information about your web business and website. We will then do an initial web evaluation of the information you provided.

If we can NOT continue with the mini web audit based on information you supplied we will tell you and go no further. It will have cost you nothing since you haven’t paid us anything yet.

“If we’re not be prepared to invest time in your web business
then perhaps neither should you”

If we decide to continue we will complete the web evaluation to determine the answers to the 5 questions we have said, plus 2 extra questions of your choosing.

Only when we have completed the audit do you pay for the report. The cost of the mini website audit is $97 which includes a discount of $50 for answering some questions about your audit.

If you prefer not to answers questions about your audit the cost is $147.

Is it worth $97 to you to find out from experts if you're
on the right track going in the right direction with your web business ?

The Next Step

1 If you don’t feel you have anything to gain in your web business from our expertise then thanks for spending your time to read this far.

2 If you want to see how you could benefit from our expertise just click the following link to Contact Website Audit Experts. You will be taken to a page to provide us basic contact details and give permission to contact you about your web business. You will not be asked to pay anything now.

3 We will contact you and ask you to complete a questionnaire about your web business and we will evaluate the information you supply.

4 If we consider at this stage not to continue we will tell you and we go no further. You have risked nothing and paid nothing.

5 If we continue we will complete our analysis and compile the mini web audit report. We will then send you a link to make the payment for the audit report. Once you have made the payment of $147 (see step 6) we will send you the report.

6 If you choose the $50 discount in return for feedback about your audit we will ask you to complete a short survey. Once you have completed the survey we will refund you $50, so your audit will only cost you $97.

Contact us about a mini audit
It's 100% Risk FREE and
You Pay Nothing Now !

Website Auditor
Tony Simpson
Website Audit Expert