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Optimizing After a Website Audit

Website optimization

Look Inside Book @ Amazon BookstoreOur website audits tend to reveal many recommendations to improve a web site’s optimization. This is because our expertise and background is in optimization of web pages and websites for people and search engines.

Improving optimization of your website for search engines is essential to getting more relevant and free targeted visitors to your website from search engines, in particular Google.

Download PDF Book PreviewImproving optimization of a website for people is essential to being able to convert more visitors into buyers, leads or opt-ins.

While search engine optimization or SEO can get quite complex at an advanced level, there are a lot of basic essentials a website owner can and should do to optimize their website that is not difficult or complicated.

Similarly, optimizing your website and key landing pages to make better use of the visitor traffic your site gets, can at an advanced level, require a great deal of understanding of a wide range of complex issues.

However, there is nothing to stop every website owner from doing some if not all of the basic things to improve their web site conversion that we frequently recommend in our audits.

What a lot of website owners fail to grasp or understand is:

"It’s far easier and more effective to get better results from the visitor traffic
your site already gets than to keep trying to get more traffic"

A Simple Example

Let us suppose you have a website that receives 5,000 unique visitors a month and the design of your website results in 1,000 of those monthly visitors being directed to a sales page.

The sales page converts 1 in every 100 visitors into making a purchase, so from 1,000 visitors to the page you will make on average 10 sales per month.

Your goal is to double your sales per month and you have two choices:

  1. Increase your free visitor traffic through search engine optimization
  2. Increase your sales page conversion through landing page optimization

Which do you choose ?
To get 20 sales per month by increasing your site’s visitor traffic would require you to get 10,000 visitors per month from free search engine traffic.

If that’s not clear let be explain. 10,000 visitors to the site or double the traffic would result in 2,000 visitors to the sales page which would convert 1 in every 100 visitors, giving 20 sales.

"Just how long and how difficult would it be for you to DOUBLE the free search engine traffic your website gets by using search engine optimization or SEO ?"

To get 20 sales per month through landing page optimization would require you to increase your sales page conversion rate from 1% ( 1 in 100 ) to 2% ( 2 in 100).

This means from exactly the same 5,000 website visitors with 1,000 of those directed to the sale page, you now need 2 in every 100 to convert to buyers to give you 20 sales per month.

"Just how long and how difficult would it be to increase your sales page
conversion rate from 1% to 2% using the same website traffic ?"

I can tell you the answer to the question “Which do you choose ?”

Always Choose Landing Page Optimization

If you still don’t see that landing page optimization is the better choice let me give you some other good reasons why this is so.

  • You have full control over results you get from landing page optimization
  • You have limited control over results from SEO (Google makes and changes the rules)
  • To double traffic and sales through SEO could take a very long time
  • To double sales through landing page optimization could take a few months
Audited Website

To see how a website audit and the conversion optimization that followed helped one website owner more than double their page conversion to 7.7% click the link below to download the full case study report.

The case study is a PDF document (6.6MB)

Download the case study - website audit & conversion optimization

Now I have hopefully established in your mind that landing page optimization is always the better choice I should perhaps ask, do you do any ?

If your answer is No, you're not alone, most website owners don't bother to do it either.

How do I know few site owners do landing page optimization ?
Well, I know this from my own clients and my experiences over the past few years in trying to convince them to do even basic split-testing before they make changes to their web sites.

I have to admit it’s a losing battle, for some reason website owners are pre-conditioned perhaps dare I say brain-washed to think traffic, traffic, and more traffic is their answer.

My own experiences were recently confirmed In a survey of website owners conducted by Intellimon and published in November 2010 called the Traffic Survey. On page 66 of this 235 page report the survey respondents were asked if they regularly undertake split tests.

Doing split-testing is a sure sign of landing page optimization and determining which traffic converts the best. The result was:

54.2% of people said they never did split-testing, a further 20.5% rarely did them,
19.6% did them occasionally, and only 5.7% said they always split-tested

The conclusion of this section of the Intellimon report was and I quote:

“It is quite concerning that over half (54.2%) of respondents have
never run split-tests and 40.1% barely run split tests if at all”

They also concluded from their study that in most cases businesses that always run split tests showed good evidence of it being a beneficial means to increase sales revenue.

All I can say, is I’m glad someone else finally agrees with me.


How this affects the recommendations of a website audit

At the beginning of this discussion I said our website audits can reveal a lot of recommendations to improve a website’s optimization both for search engines and people visiting the site.

We have a lot of experience and evidence that optimizing a website for conversion is more effective and produces results faster than optimizing a site for search engines. Therefore we tend to prioritize our recommendations in favour of optimizing a site for visitors.

That does not mean we ignore search engine optimization, quite the contrary where we consider SEO aspects can bring relatively quick results or benefits to a website they will get prioritized more highly in our recommendations.

But the key issue is, you should split-test any changes you make to your website, no matter how insignificant you think they are, or how convinced you are changes will be an improvement.

“You can not be sure the changes you make to your website are improvements
unless you split-test those changes… anything less is guesswork”


Implementing the recommendations of a website audit

Because we offer a 12 month $500 money back guarantee with our website audit recommendations that they will improve a website and web business, we attach a condition.

We require that website owners implement our recommendations correctly and that also means split-testing them, so the extent to which they improve the performance of the website can be measured and quantified.

"By doing proper split tests it's not our opinion or the site owner's opinion whether the website was improved or not, the proof comes from the results of the split-testing"

While it’s true that A/B split-testing can sometimes require 1,000’s or 10’s of thousands of visitors to a page to prove a change has resulted in an improvement, there are techniques we employ that can give measurable indicators with just a few hundred visitors to a page.

We have no interest in doing website audits that site owners don't act upon or don't implement our recommendations correctly and undermine the improvements.

We also have no desire to get into long debates with site owners who "feel" the changes we recommended did not result in an improvement when they have not been "measuring the results" through split-testing or other web analytics.

Split-testing and agreed forms of web analytics are the only forms of evidence we accept as proof our recommendations did or did not make improvements to a web site for the purposes of our $500 money back guarantee.

For more information on a full website audit visit taking a website audit or for information on a scaled down web audit visit mini website audits

Website Auditor
Tony Simpson
Website Audit Expert