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Web Design Quality Rating Calculators

To determine how good your web page design or website design really is we have developed two online quality rating calculators that you can use.

The online calculators are based on our web page and website checklists which allow you to determine a design quality rating for either a single web page or a complete website. By entering information into the calculator about your web design the calculator will calculate an overall design quality rating.

The highest design quality rating that can be achieved is 10 which would mean you have a perfect design which is highly unlikely.

Quality Rating Score Web Design Quality
9 to 10 Outstanding
8 to 9 Excellent
7 to 8 Very Good
6 to 7 Good
4 to 6 Acceptable
2 to 4 Below
1 to 2 Poor
0 to 1 Very Poor

To get any quality rating you will need to know at least 75 things about your web site and the way it is designed. Once you have entered all the information the calculator requires on each of 12 different categories of web design you will be able to see your score on the final summary page of the calculator.

You can print out the results from the calculator and use them to improve your website in the areas where it scored poorly or scored not as well as you would like.

The information you input into the calculator is not stored, transmitted to us or any 3rd party and is entirely for your own use.

Click here to use the Web Page Design Quality Calculator

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