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Web Page Design
Quality Rating Calculator

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So that you can see how good your web design really is, we have an online calculator that determines your web page's design quality rating score.

The calculator is based on our downloadable web design checklists but goes one step further by doing the web design analysis automatically to work out a web page quality rating for you.

Answering the questions in our web design quality calculator will enable you to pinpoint aspects in your web page design that could be improved. These may be things you have not thought about or considered unimportant.

To find out how good your web page design is you will need to answer a series of questions about your chosen web page. You select the answers, either Yes, No, Don't Know, or Does not Apply, from a drop down menu next to each question.

Download PDF Preview of BookThere are questions in 12 categories essential to web page quality and you need to be able to answer at least 75 of them to get a design quality rating. Once you have answered the required questions your web page's design quality rating is shown on the final summary page of the calculator (example shown below).

To use the online web design quality calculator you need to apply for access by supplying an email address to which your access details will be sent.

Type your email address:

Existing Users Login

If you have already applied and received access details for the calculator then you may login using the link below, but first:

## Please be patient while the calculator loads ##

First you will see an "initializing" progress indicator and then the screen could go blank for around 15 seconds while the calculator loads. The exact load time will depend on the speed of your Internet connection.

To login and open calculator in new window click here

web page quality calculator

To login and open calculator in new window click here

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