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Website Audit Experts $500 Backed Guarantee

You have a full 12 months to witness increases in your web business, although we expect you to see the improvements much sooner !

$500 Money Back Guarantee Our Guarantee
So confident are we in improving your website that I will
give you * $500 if you don’t see increases in your website business within 12 months.
365 Day Guarantee


  1. The $500 guarantee applies to FULL website audits and NOT mini audits.
  2. You must implement our web audit recommendations within 6 months, or to an alternative agreed timescale so as to have sufficient time to see the results within 12 months.
  3. The only proof we accept that a recommendation has not made an improvement is if changes have been split-tested or measured by some other agreed web analytics.
  4. The guarantee applies only to the website audit recommendations you implement.
  5. Any refund is pro-rata based on the number of recommendations made and implemented that did not produce an improvement in your website and/or web business.

Additional Explanation
A refund is made pro-rata based on the number of web audit recommendations we make and the number you implement that do not make any improvement. Suppose we made twenty recommendations and you implement only one. It would not be fair to expect $500 based on implementing one recommendation that made no improvement.

How it works:
Every web audit recommendation is assigned a monetary value which is simply:-

($500 divided by the number of recommendations)

So, lets say we make 20 recommendations. Each recommendation has a value which in this example is simply:

($500 divided by 20) = $25

Example 1:
If you received 20 recommendations, implemented only 1 and that produced no improvement the money you would be entitled in this example is $25 x 1 = $25.

Example 2:
If you received 10 recommendations each with a monetary value of $50 ($500 divided by 10) and two produced no improvement the money you would be entitled to is the monetary value of two unsuccessful recommendations which in this example is $50 x 2 = $100.

Example 3:
If you received 10 recommendations each with a monetary value of $50 ($500 divided by 10) and ten produced no improvement the money you would be entitled to is the monetary value of ten unsuccessful recommendations which in this example is $50 x 10 = $500

This may sound a bit complicated but in practice it's quite simple and we feel implementing the guarantee in this way is genuinely fair to you as the site owner and also to us. It would not be fair to expect $500 if you did not implement any of our recommendations, or $500 if only 10% were not successful when 90% were successful in improving your website and business.


What You Get:
You get the Where, Why, and What but not the How.

  1. Where the problems/issues are with your web page/s or site
  2. Why the issues with your pages/site cause a problem
  3. What you need to do (recommendations) to fix the issues/problems

The audit report does not provide a step by step guide on How to Fix the problems.
In other words you don't get "How to Tutorials" on how to be a Webmaster or an SEO.

Once you know the Where, Why and What needs to be fixed, you need to have the skills or know how to fix the problems yourself on your own website, or hire someone to do it for you.

If you want us to implement our recommendations on your website that becomes part of a separate quotation for that task and is not included or part of the fee paid for the Audit.

If you want us to oversee the work done by someone else to make sure they are doing it properly and not ripping you off, we will also do that on an hourly paid consultancy basis.

Once you have the Audit report we will answer reasonable questions by email that you have about the report. However, if emails begin to cross the boundary into "How To" we will ask for further payment and begin charging you to answer further questions on a per question basis.

For questions requiring unreasonable justification for recommendations in the report (the Why) than is already provided in our audit report we may at our discretion ask for further payment. We will then charge to answer further questions on a question by question basis.

We go to great lengths to provide evidence for our conclusions and recommendations based on the audit and the analysis of the findings. We also use our expert skills and experience to reach
our recommendations.

If you do not understand the audit report, or choose not to believe the evidence presented, we will not enter into long debates to unreasonably justify our expertise or our recommendations.

We will be honest (brutally) with you at all times, but if you choose not to accept what we tell you because it's not what you want to hear, then we will not enter into long debates to justify our expertise or convince you of our position on the matter.


Implementation of our Audit Recommendations:
We may have no control over the way the client chooses to implement our recommendations. Therefore, we can not offer guarantees as to the outcome of implementing our recommendations unless we are involved in the implementation.

Should we be tasked to assist the client in implementing our recommendations we will support the project only if the client is able to comply with the instructions provided and implement the plan with the priorities set-out in our audit report.

Failure by the client to follow our instructions or observe implementation of recommendations in the way we specify, or with the priority we have given in our audit report, will result in us eventually withdrawing from the project.

Should we be solely tasked to implement our recommendations over which we have complete control, then we are prepared to offer a guarantee, as stated previously, tailored to the clients individual case and circumstances.

Website Auditor
Tony Simpson
Website Audit Expert