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60% Fail Website Health Check
Is Your Website One of Them ?

Two-Thirds of Websites Fail on 5 Design Factors

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Over 6 out of every 10 websites failed to satisfy basic design fundamentals in a long running survey, is yours one of them ?

Two thirds of survey respondents did not know how many visitors they needed to get to their website to sustain their web business. They also did not know about four more important factors critical to the success of their web business.

Download PDF Preview of BookAlthough two-thirds of survey respondents had objectives for their website around half had not considered it important enough to tell their web designer. There is little point in having objectives for a website if the web designer can not take them into account.

One-Quarter of Website Owners have Poor Understanding of Basic SEO

When asked if their website was designed for the search engines using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques over 6 out of 10 respondents thought it was.

And yet, keyword research which is fundamental to SEO web page design had not been done by over half of those surveyed. For a website to be considered designed with SEO, keyword research is an absolute must, first thing to do.

Almost one quarter of those people who thought their website was designed using SEO techniques had not done any keyword research, which shows a very poor understanding of the basics of SEO.

Half of Website Owners Fail on 10 More Aspects of Web Design

Half of those surveyed did not know if their was enough demand for their product or service and did not know if the website created desire for what they offered.

They also did not know why someone should do business with them, or even if the website created the impression for visitors that they expected.

Half the respondents also did not know of 10 other factors important to the success of their web business.

Does Your Website and Web Business Pass the Test ?

See if your website will fail our website health check on good web design by visiting:
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